Guy La Pointe AKA G Fresh Da Bad Guy AKA #Hu$h702 is a Las Vegas native of 29 years. He has had a rough life and was also the black sheep of the family. That being said enduring all that pain at the age of 13 he decided he wanted to be a songwriter letting his deepest darkest feeling down from brain to pen to paper. Meeting Moss Maja which would sit him down n show him the format n know hows to writing music while seeing him at work in the booth he knew that's what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. From then on all he does is practice improving his art and determined to be one of the best Hip Hop artist in the WORLD. Through out the years that has been his major goal. At the age of 22 he taught himself how to record his own vocals with cheap low end equipment instead of searching ways for studio time and depending on others which continually let him down. He learned all he can depend on is himself. From then to the present he constantly works on his craft and different recording techniques. He has one mixtape (Heatwave) he released mainly on hardcopies but you can find the tracks on ... and ... with a not so satisfactory outcome according to his standards. He wants to make an impact on the Hip Hop community not only locally but world wide letting people know there not alone in this struggle and a solid mindset is all u need to over come any obstacle and achieve any goal u set your mind to. Working on his official Album (Date undetermined) He tries reaching out to reputable people in the industry for a sense of direction and/or mentoring. He has excellent work ethics but lacks funds to proceed in the direction he wants to go. Using the internet as his main tool for exposure he has won COAST2COAST best of Nevada and is featured on the mixtape. He has also featured on Freeway Rick Ross "No Flight Zone" mixtape and also Remix Your Futures Las vegas edition with two tracks being distributed. Ready to proceed down the correct path he continues to teach himself and learn his way around this modern music industry. Frustrated with the state of the culture he improves his skill set every day. That being said from this point on he will strive to become the best. Avoiding trouble he will focus on achieving his goals and continue reaching out to other people with the same interest and find his niche in this almost impossible industry and not take no for an answer. If u can benefit him in any way feel free to contact him. Very likable and adaptive he shouldn't have to much trouble with others he works with and tends to bring a spark to the room motivating others with his hi level of energy. Peace, Love, Loyalty n Respect is his motto he lives by and holds others around him to that's same expectation. Being outspoken he knows how to hold a silence to let others speak and learn from.Determination drives him to continue down this road and wont stop till he finds success and can financially support himself, loved ones and kids. After those goals are met he will pursue structuring a business model that will focus merely on kids that are less fortunate and give them an outlet to life such as what he never had. Falling down over and over on his quest he jumps right back up and will continue to do so while gracefully accepting others input and involvement but refuses to let negative attitudes and actions deter him from his pursuit of happiness.



Used 2 Be

Artist: Hush , G Fresh Da Bad Guy

Album: Used 2 Be

Role: Engineered , Performed


Artist: HUSH702

Album: Holiday

Role: Produced , Engineered , Performed

Without You (feat. Foolish P & Young Vague)

Artist: HUSH702 , Foolish P , Young Vague

Album: Without You (feat. Foolish P & Young Vague)

Role: Produced , Engineered , Performed

Success 'n Happiness

Artist: HUSH702

Album: Success 'n Happiness

Role: Produced , Engineered , Performed

Success N Happiness

Artist: HUSH702

Album: Success N Happiness

Role: Produced , Engineered , Performed